Young Democrats Of America Represent New Socialism

This could get scary. The young Democrats of America are the fresh face of socialism. A recent article with the NationalReview spoke with Represenative (R. Texas) Dan Crenshaw and he echoed this same thought.

young democrats of america
Representative Dan Crenshaw
Photo – National Review

“Well-intentioned liberalism always leads to progressivism. There’s no choice there,” Crenshaw said. This is pretty much spot on, however, young Democrats think socialism is the cool new thing, but they don’t know what it really means. This is where it gets scary.

In addition to following the gospel of liberals in Congress like Alexandrai Ocasio-Cortez, they speak about Hollywood celebrities who might not really be socialists. Just because they don’t follow with the conservative views of President Trump, that doesn’t make them a socialist.

What else does the young Democrats of America that want socialism do that puts a fear into conservatives? They are more active on social media then any other group. In addition to what they do on Social Media, true socialists like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, now has a large new group to reach out to. It doesn’t take long before this young socialist group starts promoting the message of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez to their followers and we now have a brand new group of American socialists.

young democrats of america
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However, conservatives do have facts on their side that can help curb the message of the socialist message in America. What this young group doesn’t fully understand is, just because you fully believe in the socialist message, trying to explain how it works, and if it works is another thing.

As Kevin D. Williamson, from the National Review points out,
“It’s the rediscovery of magic. They think that if you write the right words down on a piece of paper, that changes the underlying reality.” In other words, just because you create legislation, trying to prove how it will work through these crazy ways, those actual alternative methods just aren’t realistic.

As can be seen, this young socialist American group is on the rise. However, facts always work in the end. Their pie in the sky thoughts of socialism, are just that. At the end of the day they will have to be dealt with the harsh realities of actual facts. Those facts are that nothing in life is free, and if you want to adopt to socialist policies, you will pay with your wallet, and maybe your life. If you don’t believe us, take a read on this article about how Romania’s government was ruined by socialism. As you will see, they have yet to recover from socialism in Europe.