The Socialism Symbol Rises Without God

There was a brilliant piece from The Washington Times recently about the socialism symbol rises without God. The foundation of American was to not turn away from God. However, socialists want to do just that to make socialism more popular. With this in mind, conservative Americans need religion more than ever.

Case in point, the lies of socialism that some Americans buy into in that religon has no right in politics. But that’s only the beginning. The more that some of these extreme socialists slowly turn the public away from God, we could feel that there is no reason to have God in our lives at all, This in fact is the dark socialism symbol.

As we continued along in the article, it brought out the point that recent polls show that American has turned away from the church. Case in point, I can think of many people that I come across on a daily basis, and they admit to not attending church. This is something I didn’t put much thought into, until I read this article. This is another sad sign of the socialism symbol creeping into America.

The next point regarding how our public schools are failing our children really hit home. When I think about a recent in class assignment my child had about immigration and if it was bad if we kept immigrants away from entering the United States. Is this what we want to teach our fourth graders? Keep in mind, the questions were slanted in a way to feel bad if we kept them out of the United States. The public schools today, mostly to our high schoolers will most likely never hear about the harms of socialism. They will never hear about the harms of wealth redistribution and the millions killed by their leaders.

Instead, socialism will be turned in a positive manner about how healthcare needs to be free along with college. However, our youth won’t be taught how these programs really aren’t free. The hard truth is that everything comes with a cost. In fact, we just wrote about how the Amerian economy suffers under socialism. You can bet, this will never be talked about in our schools.

To summarize, maybe we need true conservative leaders to hammer down the point that freedom and our faith belong with one another. The failed socialist policies of the past and with Venezuela also need to be talked about so that we don’t go down those failed roads. Perhaps, more of of need to head to our church each Sunday as well. The more we turn away from our local church and ignore God, a socialism government might not be far away.

To read the full article on The Washington Times website, click here.