Why Democrats Love Socialism

We decided to write this article because we want to know why Democrats love socialism. Recent polls continue to tell us a majority of all Democrats embrace and favor socialism. The question to us is, why? Is it that they are uninformed? Or do they want to rely on big government to take care of them?

What we’ve done is look at articles and videos of everything socialism. After a lot of reading and watching, we continue to find young americans are the driving force around socialism. Now, if you look deeper into this, younger Americans are recent college graduates. Now, where are they typically graduating from? It’s left leaning liberal colleges. What’s scary is that recent college graduates tend to favor radicals such as Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh. They would rather celebrate them instead of a conservative American President. The only thing we can point to this are the Professor’s are teaching them that these leaders started a revolution. In fact, young Americans think it’s cool to take a stand against anything regarding capitialism.

This is the scary part because when we think of millennials they are taught to resist. But do they really know what they are resisting? I mean besides the leader in the White House. However, when pressed, they can’t give a sound reason as to why resisting makes sense. These young Americans and Democrats that love socialism are basically uninformed about capitialism. It’s a fact that capitialism helped American jump over older socialist countries. This is what made America become an economic power that we are today.

Case in point, it simply gets down to the fact that Democrats and young socialists don’t understand economic and political freedom. If you have the feelings in your head that we should allow the government to control all of our programs simply because they are telling us this is what’s best, that’s when we have major conflict. If far left Democrats took the time to study history and see that socialist countries have never succeeded, they would understand just how good we have it in America.

To summarize, I’d like any far left Democrat to take a step back. Turn off the major media outlets, turn off social media, and study history. Once you see that anytime big government gets in the way to control how you think and subsidize all of your programs, the more likely you’ll see that’s exactly what you don’t want. Perhaps, you might even start to lean to more conservative values. Even better, maybe they will even turn away from far left socialist democrat leaders.