The American Economy Suffers Under Socialism

Having a socialism economy would destroy the American economy

It’s a fact, the American economy suffers under socialism. There is nothing about socialism that either helps an entire population or even the majority of the nation. One fact however is true though, socialism will dominate the 2020 Presidential election.

If I were a better man, I’d place a big wager that the Democrat Socialists of America will have Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee. In fact, he’s the choice of the Democratic Socialists of America. Bernie Sanders is widely popular with young Americans and those Americans that favor socialism. What does Sanders promote? If you listen to his speeches in 2016 and to the present day, he wants government to solve all of our issues.

Now take a step back and analize this comment for a moment. How does big governement help the society as a whole? Quite simply, it never does. If you need some examples, just look at the USPS, AmTrak, and The United States Department of Education. Each is backed by big government, and they are all failing the American public. This is a big example as to how the American economy suffers under socialism.

So how else could the American economy suffer under socialism? Take a look at Medicare. If Bernie Sanders and other socialists wanted a socialist economy, they would want Medicare for all. Even before we put Medicare for all, it’s a fact that it will become insolvent by 2026. This boggles the mind that any socialist Democrat would want to expand Medicare to those younger than 65. It’s also a fact that Medicare payments are improper which cost American taxpayer tens of millions each year, so expanding this would also cripple the American economy.

Those are just some examples of how the economy would suffer under socialism. This is exactly how the Amercan economy suffers under socialism. We know that the 2020 election is big, so we want to make sure that we continue to spread the word about how bad socialism is. We hope our message gets out and that you take note of who we follow on Twitter and the Podcasts we listen to. You can also take a quick read as to how we break down the differences between capitalism and socialism.

The more you stay informed as to how bad socialism is bad for the American economy, the more you’ll understand why capitalism really works for all.