Socialism History Need Not Be Repeated

The socialism history is a bad one. Not just economically either, it’s been a bloddy past that most don’t know about or they simply ignore. To give a recap, socialism means that the ways of making a living are owned by society as a whole. In short, it’s power run by the ruling power.

Now we recently wrote that there is a new party called the Democratic socialists of America. In short, the word socialists is used, so no matter how much they tell you their party is different then a socialist party, in short it’s still socialism. After all, the word sociaists is right their in their party name. So now matter how they spin things, socialism is socialism.

The start of socialism began in Russia and those citizens put their trust in the power of government. Just as all socialist governments will tell you, everything will be great. In short, the free programs will be better then anything you have avaialble today. In a word, everything is great until something goes bad. The facts are, they always go bad. Have you read about Venezuela or those other failed socialist economic countries? Do yourself a favor, and read this today.

When the citizens put bling faith in their government, the government does as they feel since they have all of the power. So the ruling power enjoys all of the profits being made while giving very little if anything to the people. As we mentioned, the people are trusting that the powerful government will eventually give back because they are to be trusted.

socialism history
Venezuelans looking in trash after their socialist economy collapsed.

So what happens when citizens start to get upset at their government? What happens with the citizens want their fair share? Nothing at all? You see, this is where censorship takes place. Remember, the citizens gave all of the power to their government. In other words, the government now has control of education, housing, food, transportation, just to name a few. So when things go bad with these programs, you’re at the mercy of a socialist government.

So what do you think of the socialism history? Granted, millennials will tell you this could never happen in America if we elected a socialist President. The facts are, socialism never has a happy ending. So yes millennials, this could and will happen to America with a socialist President.

So what can we do about stopping socialism entering America? It’s education, and hopfully the elected conservatives will hammer the point that socialism leads to absolute power to big government. Case in point, speak with anyone who has survived a socialist government. Have them tell you their socialist stories. We are pretty sure they would do anything they could to not go down that horrible road of the past ever again.