Free Market Capitalism Trumps Socialism

In today’s society, young Americans truly need to understand that free market capitalism trumps socialism. These are the basic priciples in what made America the great nation that we have today. Think about it, free market capitalism is the voluntary exchange which is superior to any other economic system available.

free market capitalism trumps socialism
Milton Friedman on capitalism and freedom

However, this new generation, ironically lead by an aging Bernie Sanders wants everyone to feel that the success of capitalism is bad. Why would anyone want to get rid of a successful economic system? Case in point, capitalism has helped do away with disease, hunger and poverty. Now look at modern day Venezuela. This is where you will find people searching through trash so they can eat and young children dying in hospital beds due to a lack of medical care. Remind me again, how socialism is better. The simple truth is it’s not, and never will be. In fact, you can read about failed socialist economies here.

By and large, this is exactly what modern day socialists wants for everyone. Instead of doing away with the bad, they want to force their policies. The failed socialist policies of equality income, affordable housing, and medicare for all. Try finding where this falls under in the Constitution. In short, you won’t find it.

Let’s get back to the point on why free market capitalism trumps socialism. One example of why we should embrace the free market is that we want less interevention, not more. When you have a capitalist economy, you are dealing with an economic model that operates without intervention. Having business competition, free trade, and supply means that Government regulation isn’t necessary. This is truly the American way.

All things considered, the discussion as to which economic we should be living in, really isn’t up for debate. The capitalist economic model has made more millionaires and billionaires then socialism ever has. The idea that anyone can start a company, set their own prices, be motivated by profit, and have low government interference is what makes this system so great. Given these points, we need more talk about free market capitalism, not less. Take a moment and read these quick bullet points that pinpoint what free market capitalism is from this article provided by bizfluent.

As has been noted, free market capitalism is clearly the choice for a country to be successful. The younger American generation is being lead and lied to by radical leaders that have truly never been successful in a creating something better for themselves, so they are ignorant to point out why capitalism is bad. The thing is, we have history in our side and America was founded and has always succeeded through capitalism and only capitalism.