Democratic Socialism Enjoys Big Government

The American public can’t be fooled, democratic socialism enjoys big government. Of course, we’ll all be told that they don’t want the government to control everything. However, they do want big government for many of their programs.

When the Democratic Socialist of America group does in fact agree that they want big government to be in control of major programs, they might as well admit they are full socialists. Take a look at what they want controlled for you. Some include nationalized health care, free college education, federally guaranteed jobs with a liveable income, and regulation of private enterprise. What’s next, having the government telling us what we should wear and eat on a daily basis?

As you are well aware of, these programs sound great since they have the word free attached to them. In reality, the entire package has a huge price tag to implement them. After all, free is never really free. You see, a democratic socialist America, is exactly what we don’t need. We are living in a time when the overall positive confidence in Washington is at historically lows. With this in mind, why would we want government in control of more programs when they have a hard enough time with programs such as the US Postal Service and Amtrak.

Why else is democratic socialism a bad idea? As of today’s date, our government is broke. This is not the time to have all of these government programs set up when we don’t have the funds to fulfill them. One piece of advise I would offer Democrats and Republicans is to go local, speak to the leaders and start an economic revolution. This is a great time to get more local leaders involved and build local confidence in our leaders, and truly start from the ground up.

To summarize, the Democrat socialists need to rethink their ideas about continuing their revolution. Stop with the crazy ideas in having our governement controlling everything. Take the words of a fomer US Democratic President “Ask not what your country can do for you” and get to work from the ground up.

Remember, we don’t want to have the same socialist economic mess that Venezuela has today, you can read that here. You see, the price tag of free programs is extremely costly.

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