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Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar Blames the United States on the current state of socialist Venezuela.

Venezuela is a dumpster fire due to it’s socialist regime. This is why Ilhan Omar is wrong on Venezuela in saying that the United States is at fault. If you aren’t familiar, Democratic Representative Omar stated, “policies that we have put in place” are the reasons why Venezuela is a mess today.

Ilhan Omar is wrong on Venezuela
Venezuela crisis – photo via

You see, Ilhan Omar, the pinhead Representative of Minnesota thinks that it’s the United States at fault. However, if she did a minute of research, Omar would understand it’s the Maduro socialist regime under that had made Venezuela what it is today. Without delay, Representative Omar only feels that the United States is responsible.

To begin with, Omar feels that the United States has been bullying the current Maduro regime. It’s the United States fault that we are intervening that has caused the collapse of Venezuela. I mean, the socialist economy has nothing to do with this. It’s a damm shame that an elected official can’t look at the facts as to why socialist Venezuela is a mess today.

The fact is, Venezuelans have lost weight, walked 20 plus miles to get food, and they are without needed medicine. This is what the Maduro regime has brought with his socialist economy. In other words, all of the socialist policies that Maduro brought to Venezuela is why Venezuelan citizens are suffering. They trusted Maduro. Given these points, the socialist policies he brought has failed the entire country.

For this reason, this is why Rep. Ilhan Omar is so off base. Her hatred of President Trump has blinded her reality into what’s really happening in Venezuela today. In fact, it’s America and other Latin American countries that are trying to help the people of Venezuela. In the finaly analysis, until Maduro is finally removed, the citizens of Venezuela will continue to suffer under the current socialist Maduro regime.

Ilhan Omar is wrong on Venezuela, just as Maduro’s socialist policies are. In fact, until he’s gone from Venezuela, the citizens will suffer and the country will continue to decline. In short, this is why a socialist economy will always failed compared to a free market capitlist economy.