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Along with higher taxes and increasing the National debt, socialist healthcare will eliminate healthcare coverage.

If you favor socialism, be warned because socialist healthcare raises taxes. Although we aren’t sure of the exact amount, we will differ to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio who states the following. “Bernie’s plan will increase our taxes by $16.2 trillion and cost us over $32 trillion in the next ten years. This was a recent quote from an article on, you can read that here.

socialist healthcare raises taxes
Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders.

In the first place, Americans are probably not in favor of higher taxes or adding to our already high National debt. In addition to the high costs, Senator Bernie Sanders probably doesn’t want you to know about those losing their current health care coverage.

In reality, under a ‘Medicare For All’ program, millions will lose their private health coverage. This is something the media doesn’t want you to hear while promoting Senator Sanders. In fact, a government run healthcare program can’t guarantee that your Doctors will want to participate. You have to put yourself in the Doctors shoes to clearly think about this.

Case in point, Doctors have fought hard against socialized health insurance proposals. In reality, why would Doctors want to take a pay cut just to participate in a government run health program? The short answer is, they probably won’t. This is why socialized healthcare doesn’t make sense.

To put it another way, ‘Healthcare For All’ is poor health care, just as we wrote yesterday. When you have people coming to the United States for surgeries from their country where they have universal health care, you know we have it better. By all means, we looked at it from both sides, and socialized healthcare jsut doesn’t work. Besides being told the lie that everyone will have healthcare, what about it sounds good?

As can be seen, socialist healthcare raises taxes and you’ll most likely lose your private health coverage. Keep this in mind the next time a Democratic Socialist starts their argument about “Medicare For All”.