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The Democratic socialist medicare for all healthcare is poor quality healthcare that would bankrupt the economy.

By now you’ve heard Democratic socialists pushing for poor quality health care. This is otherwise known as Medicare for all. In short, these far left socialists keep thinking that health care is a right. We urge them to find where it is in the US Constitution that states health care is a right.

Poor Quality Health Care
Seema Verma head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services- Photo courtesy of USA Today

What naysayers don’t understand is that the United States has the best health care in the world. If you don’t believe us, look at how many come to the United States for medical procedures. In fact, Mick Jagger, singer for the Rolling Stones just recently had heart valve replacement surgery in New York City. Yes, the New York City in the United States. Remember, the UK has Universal socialized health care for all. So why did Mick Jagger choose the United States for this surgery?

Quite simply, the best health care is in the United States. Being able to have the best health care is much better then Universal health care coverage. So what are some of the causes of poor health care? First of all, going to the Medicare for all system, you are taking away private health insurance from the people.

Essentially, you are forcing them into a government health care system for all. In spite of how great this sounds, it’s a terrible idea. Case in point, the British National Health Service has in fact let thousands of elderly people go blind due to picking and choosing who gets eye surgery. That doesn’t happen here in the United States if you have health care coverage. Is the Unites States health care system perfect? No, but I’d rather pay more for needed surgery rather then the governement telling me who’s eligible for surgery.

As you can see see poor quality health care is in fact the socialist Medicare for all system. By having Americans choose their health care options creates competition which is good. In fact, if we have poor quality government health, the choices are limited and possibly fatal. In our capitalists free market system, if a hospital charges too much or has poor care, they could be go out of business to other hospitals offering better care and rates. This health care competition is better for those with health care coverage.

Although the United States health care system can be improved, we still have the best care and coverage available. In fact, restoring the free market to health care needs to widen and the current health care quality will improve even more.

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