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During an interview on CNN, Congressman Tim Ryan admits that socialism among Democrats worries him.

The more popular socialism among democrats grows, the more it worries Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio. The recent rapid growth of socialism among Democrats is something we have been writing about a lot recently, see here. But there are some Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, and now Tim Ryan that are worried about socialism in their party.

socialism among democrats
Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Ryan, if you aren’t familiar with, is one of the many Democrats running for President in 2020. Speaking about climate change, Ryan admits that to get anything done, a free market is the way to go. While we don’t support Rep. Tim Ryan, it’s nice to hear he believes in the free market, and not the Green New Deal.

As the popularity of Bernie Sanders continues to grow, Ryan is now speaking up. His fear is that a radical socialist candidate like Sanders could hurt the Democrat chances in 2020. In fact, if you polled all Democrats in Congress and the Senate, we bet most feel the same way, but they aren’t being vocal about it.

In fact, President Trump keeps hammering away that the Democratic Party is about socialism. As a result, Democrat Presidential candidates will have to be more vocal. Do they belive in the socialism philosophy, or will they distance themselves from the socialist symbol?

All things considered, the Democrat party seems to be a mess. Never before have we seen a political party this divided about what they stand for? One thing is clear, and that’s they are anti President Trump. However, with a strong economy and an upswing in approval ratings, is being anti Trump enough?

Stay tuned, it will be fun watching the Democrat party continue to eat itself as we head towards election 2020. To see the video with Congressman Tim Ryan, click here.