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Far left Detroit filmakers have an anti-capitalism approach for a pro socialism streaming service. Don’t laugh, but it looks like a pro socialism streaming service will soon be available. A Detroit couple who help Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win her election are starting a new streaming service.

Pro Socialism Streaming Service
Detroit couple starts a Pro Socialism Streaming Service. Photo via – Detroit Free Press

If far left comedy and TV shows are currently failing, how will this survive?
The model for this new streaming service will offer “VICE Media style videos”, along with an on demand model. In other words, it’s Netflix for socialists. The target audience will without a doubt be aimed towards millennials and Generation Z who are upset with their government and to be filled with ideas about socialism.

However, there is a catch. Millennials and the Gen. Z will have to pony up $10 a month to watch this new pro socialist streaming service. Will they be willing to give up their daily Starbucks coffee adn tune in?

The channel will be called Means TV, and we have to hand it to them, they are starting this at the right time. As we mentioned, more and more Democrats are headed towards socialism, so the timing is right. Although socialism is gaining popularity towards some Democrats as we head towards the 2020 election, could a pure socialist streaming service work?

To begin with, let’s look at the current TV landscape with a Democrat radical message. First of all, the late night shows have had a ratings decline as they pander towards those on the far left. Is that bad news, sure? But here’s the scary news for this new anti-capitalist streaming service. Comedy Central which targets a younger audience, similar to what Means TV is looking to do. They have had a steady ratings decline, especially to their shows during the 11pm EST hour.

Want further proof that radical left leaning shows aren’t popular? Samantha Bee, who has a comedy show on TBS called ‘Full Frontal’ has ratings down by over 35 percent targeting the age range 18-49. In fact, the millennials that the show tries to reach has had a decrease of 47 percent. Tell me again, how a pro socialism streaming service will survive?

All in all, this is a great idea to launch before the 2020 election, but surviving more than 12 months is a pipedream. In fact, with a President Trump being re-elected in 2020, Means TV has no shot in surviving past 2020.

So we’ll take a pass on this socialist streaming TV option and stick with the conservative BlazeTV.

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